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Allison required a consistent design for her newsletter that matches her brand. She wanted a fresh design that engages and delights, but is very easy to use for her mostly senior clients.


I provided Allison with a template for her MailChimp newsletters that consistently uses her brand colors. The newsletter header and inspiring quote received a watercolor make-over. Buttons and call-outs make it easier for customers to contact Allison. Instead of worrying about design choices, Allison can now focus on crafting her informative content and videos.
Madlen created an easy to use template for my newsletters that allows me to focus on writing useful content for my clients instead of fiddling with colors and font sizes. She provides beautiful watercolor effects for some of the pictures which gives the newsletter a more casual and unique look. And she edits the short videos I include to make them easier for my clients to run. Because of her efforts, everything looks coordinated and professional, my newsletters have a much higher open and click rate, and my clients love them.
Allison of Wise Moves Yoga

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